Scott Citrus Management

The Scott Family owns multiple groves in St. Lucie and Indian River County that make up approximately 4,000 acres of Florida Grapefruit. They chose the Indian River growing district due to its unique growing conditions that allow it to grow the best tasting grapefruit in the world. The Scott Family groves include Campbell Groves, Hall Groves, Renmar Groves, Scott Groves, and Wescott Groves.

The groves have Ruby Red, Dark Red, and White varieties of grapefruit. The vast majority of the fruit is grown on Sour Orange root stock, which is known for its superior internal qualities. Currently, the Scott’s production is 85% Ruby Red grapefruit, 10% White Grapefruit, and 5% Dark Red grapefruit.

The Scott Family continues to invest in the future with approximately 1,000 acres of Young trees (6 years old or less). The majority of the young plantings are Dark Red grapefruit on Sour Orange root stock, which will significantly increase the Dark Red production in the next few years.

Scott Citrus Management is the company that oversees all groves owned by the Scott Family. The Scott’s attention to detail is key in producing a very consistent, high quality product year after year. They are in the grove daily, which allows them to respond quickly to the needs of the grove. In addition, they are constantly studying the latest research to ensure that the most effective and safest cultural practices are being used.

Scott Citrus Management is committed to Food Safety in the groves. Annually, they undergo rigorous third party audits of their production practices and facilities to ensure they are responsibly growing the product. Every Scott Grove is Global G.A.P. Certified.

“The 1,000 acres of young citrus trees is a tremendous investment and a reflection of our long-term commitment to growing Indian River Citrus.”

– Daniel Scott