Riverfront Packing Company

Riverfront Packing Company was started in 1961 and is a state of the art packing facility in Vero Beach, Florida.  The Scott Family became owners in the packinghouse in 2001, and the vertical integration allowed them to better respond to the customers’ needs.

Riverfront Packing Company currently packs more grapefruit than any other packinghouse in Florida.  Its experienced management team has adapted the facility to ensure the best quality is being packed for the customer.  The packinghouse is a great balance of technology and personal oversight.  It has an Aweta 8-lane optical sizer that takes a 3-D image of the fruit to determine its size as well as an Aweta InScan Brix Sensor that uses Near Infrared Light to determine the Brix of each piece of fruit.  Despite the modern technology, the personal touch is so important to delivering a consistent product.  Each piece of grapefruit is personally graded multiple times and then hand-packed by a member of the Riverfront team.

Riverfront also has a strong commitment to food safety.  We were the pilot program for USDA’s Partner in Quality self-audit program.  In addition, we undergo rigorous annual certifications for the GlobalG.A.P. food safety program.

“Riverfront Packing’s customer focus and attention to detail has helped make it the largest grapefruit packinghouse in Florida.”

– Tom Mitchell, Vice-President